what make you so special?

The most important content at any exchange is NOT the owner, the script, the addons, games, or any other extras on offer. An exchange can have every extra that can be added but without members it cannot be successful.

At V.I.P. we understand the importance of members and when you join us you will learn how it feels to be special.

V.I.P. does feature almost all the features that others do, in order to give members an enjoyable surfing experience together with good advertising for your business. We even feature lots of extras to help you make an income by using and promoting us. Add this to our top level customer support and you have the perfect solution for your business.

As soon as you join us you will become a Free V.I.P. member, and receive a generous bonus of a ONE DAY UPGRADE after surfing just 100 SITES.

It does not stop there as, for every 100 pages viewed after that, you receive another ONE DAY UPGRADE up to a total of 10 days from the first 1000 sites surfed. You also receive, with each upgrade, the benefits of free credits etc for that level for one day.

Talk about special treatment! This upgrade gives you all the benefits of a paid membership including the terrific 50% commissions.

special bonus

So.......Why not join us now and start getting treated the way all members deserve to be treated at an exchange.

you'll be a VIP

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